Walts Flatguards - Latama Automatic Knives

walts flatguard automatic knife abalone half grind 11 inch
Walts Flatguard Automatic Knife Abalone Half Grind 11 Inch
Italian Switchblade Knives - Walts Flatguards - Latama Knives
Switchblade Knives, Walts Flatguards - Latama Knives. All Switchblades and stilettos are shown with average overall open length in inches. http://latama.net/latamaHome.html

Italian 11 inch Walts Flatguard Brazilian Horn Bayo Fileworked

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Latama Walts Flatguard Blond Horn Half Grind 9 Inch switchblade knife

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Italian Switchblade Knife Walts Flatguard Blond Horn Bayo 11 Inch

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