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Leverlocks - Leverletto Switchblades. Lever lock switchblade knives incorporate a lever or paddle that folds flat against the knife which can be folded up and pressed to deploy the blade. The Leverletto is a design which incorporates the style of a classic Italian stiletto with the release of a lever lock knife.  All Switchblades and stilettos are shown with average overall open length in inches.

Italian AKC Switchblade Knives Leverlock Dark Horn 6 Inch

Italian Knife AKC Leverlock 6 Inch Switchblade Genuine Dark Horn

Italian Campolin Fish Tail Pick Lock Stag switchblade Knife for sale

AGA Campolin Fishtail Picklock Switchblade Stelitto Knife Dark Horn

Italian Campolin CATALANA 10 Inch Switchblade Genuine Stag

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