protech tr-2.3 black handle black plain automatic knife for sale

Protech TR-2 - Protech automatic knives

Protech TR-2 automatic knives. The Protech TR (Tactical Response) automatic knife has an overall open length of 7.6" with a Drop Point Blade that's 3.0" x 0.120" thick, 59RC and the Handle is 4.5" x 0.44" thick  It weighs in at 3.3 oz.


ProTech TR-2.2 Automatic knife Black Handle Blasted Serrated

Protech TR-2.3 Black Handle Black Plain Automatic Knife for sale

Protech TR-2.5 automatic knife Special Grey Black Plain Blade

Protech TR-2 LTD Automatic Knife for sale Abalone Button

Protech TR-2.64 Ltd. Ed. SKULL SWAT Automatic Knife ALL BLACK

Protech Custom Skull TR-2 Tactical Response Damascus Automatic Knife