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The items on this page are no longer available, however, if you are looking for them, please email us at sales@nicnac.net and we'll keep an eye out for you and email you back if and when one comes available.  We do the very best we can to find you what your looking for!  As explained in our terms, any item that has a $0.00 price is not available at this time.


Microtech Ultratech 120-1T Bayonet OTF Automatic Knife Tri-Grip

Microtech UTX-70 DE 147-1 RD OTF Knife Red Standard Blade

Pro-Tech Automatic Knife Brend 1 G-10 Inlays SATIN Plain 1100, *

Microtech UTX-70 148-1 UC Urban Camo OTF automatic knife

Bradley Knives Alias II Small Titnm Frmlk Blue 17650-701 Silver Plain, *

Trauma Pack

Benchmade Marlow MANGUS 53 Balisong Butterfly Knife for sale

Microtech Knives Ultratech OTF Auto DETactical Full Ser 122-3T, *

Protech Jeff Harkins ATAC manual pewter with carbon fiber inlays, *

Rainy Vallotton Automatic Knife Bolide, *

Rainy Vallotton Dart blue molar Chad Nichols damascus, *

Italian Swinguard Knives, Dark Horn Kris 13 Inch, *

Italian Swinguard 13 Inch Blond Horn Kris blade switchblade knife

Microtech Auto OTF knife Combat Troodon Red Tanto Black 144-1RD, *

Rainy Vallotton L Utility Hunter Bl MM Chad Nichols Blued Damascus, *

ProTech TR-3 TUXEDO Auto Knife BK FRM satin TR-3 TUX

Gerber Legendary Blades 06 Automatic 22-01397, *

Campolin Anniversary Picture

Protech Large Don Auto Knife black tan G-10 Satin Limited Ed

Walts Flatguard Auto Knife Latama Blond Horn Heavy Duty Bayo 9 Inch, *

Protech Knives Runt J4 Automatic Psychedelic Splash Black Blade, *

Painted Pony Buck 110 Custom Auto Knife MOP Green Malachite, *

Microtech Scarab Executive Green Tact Full Serr Tanto auto 108-3GR, *

Protech Custom Defiance Ltd Ed CF Nichols Damascus 1800D, *

Microtech Knives UTX-70 Tanto edge DA Black Plain Blade 149-1, *

Protech Godfather Auto Knife Blue Jazz Ivory Micarta Black 933

Protech Magic Whiskers Design Auto Knife BLACK Serrated 601PSBT

Italian OTF Double Action Knife by AKC Mini Concord Faux Snake 6 Inch, *

Microtech Knives LUDT Automatic Forest Green Serrated 135-2F, *

Italian OTF Knife for Sale Concord DA DE AKC Black on Black 6 Inch, *

Italian Stiletto 13 Inch Stag Kris Blade, *

Protech Knives - Runt J4 Automatic Cocobolo Black 4407-C