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pro-tech brend 3 1345 usa chex pattern auto knife silver_20160331175807

Protech Brend 3 auto Knives. Automatic knives designed by Walter Brend for Protech Knives. The Pro-Tech Knives Brend 3 auto (medium) mid size pice is the perfect compaion to Protech's Brend #1 (Large) and Brend #2 (Small) Auto knife series.  Available in many variations, this super slender, lightweight and awesome 3.75" Brend design has super cutting power and is fitted with a stainless pocket clip for tip up carry.  It's overall open length is 8.75" and comes with a 3.75" 59RC Blade and the overall open length is 5" Long.  This knifes average weight is 4 ounces.  This automatic knife has INCREDIBLE Coil Spring Action so HOLD ON TIGHT!

Pro-Tech Brend 3 1345 USA Chex Pattern auto knife Silver

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