Microtech Makora - Microtech Automatic OTF knives

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Microtech Makora OTF knife.

Microtech Makora automatic double action out the front opening otf knife.  The Microtech Makora OTF Automatic Knives listed on this page are the Standard Original Microtech Makora. Overall open length of 8.14 inches with a 3.46 inch blade and is 5 inches closed.  The Makora II is also available with an overall open length of 11 1/2 inches on our Makora II page. 

Microtech Automatic Knife MAKORA Satin Serrated 106-8, *

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Microtech Auto Knife MAKORA Fire Ant DE Satin Full Serr 106-9-RED, *

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Microtech Makora OTF Automatic Knife Black Tactical PLN Double Edge, *

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