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pro-tech automatic knife 1106 brend 1 maple burl wood satin blade_
ProTech Brend 1 Auto Knife. The LARGE one.  ProTech Brend Auto knife Large is made with 154-CM Stainless steel and comes with a 4.625" long blade .125" thick 59RC with a T6-6061 Anodized Aluminum Handle, .48" thick, 1.30" wide, closed length 6", open overall length 10.625" and weighs in at an average of 5.7 ounces.  The Protech Brend "Model 1" automatic knife is the largest of the 3 Walter Brend famous Brend designs with this blade shape produced for Protech Knives.  All Protech Knives come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Made in the USA.

Protech 1152 Brend 1 Automatic Knife Tuxedo Ivory Micara Black Blade

Pro-Tech Automatic Knife  Brend 2 1152 Tuxedo Ivory Micarta BLACK
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Pro-Tech Automatic Knife Brend 1 Maple Burl Wood Satin Blade 1106

Pro-Tech Brend 1 Auto Knife Maple Burl Wood Satin Blade 1106

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Protech Magic BR-1.26 Whiskers Custom SS Knife Two-Tone CF Black

Protech Magic Whiskers Custom Knife BR-1.26 SS Two-Tone CF Black