11 Inch Italian Knives

Italian Switchblade Knives on Sale -11 Inch. Every Italian Switchblade Knife we offer comes from Maniago Italy!  All switchblades and stilettos are shown with average overall open length in inches.
Italian Stiletto Imitation Ivory 11 Inch Bayonet Knife
Italian Switchblade Knife BAYONET BLADE IN 11 Inch with white imitation pearl handle
Italian Stiletto Stag Horn 11 Inch Bayonet Knife by Frank Beltrame
Frank B. Italian Switchblade Stiletto Ebony with gold 11 Inch Bayonet Knife
Italian Stiletto  Knife by Frank Beltrame with Ebony Wood Handle 11 Inch Bayonet Blade

Italian Sicilian Switchblade Knife 12 Inch Dark Horn pick lock, AGA Campolin

R. Piscato Frosolone Knife 11" Brazilian Horn handle