Knife Picks by Nick

switchblade knives
Joyce's Choices and Nick's Picks are being brought back by popular demand! Thanks guys and gals! We hope you enjoy these categories and will be populating them over the next couple of weeks with our favorites......

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Italian Switchblade Knife with a DAGGER BLADE overall 11" with a dark horn handle
Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife with Desert Sand and Copper Serrated Blade
A.G.A. Campolin Italian Switchblade Maltese Cross 9 Inch Leverlock in Stag


ProTech Don Custom Automatic Knife Orange Peel Multi-Color Titanium Satin
Microtech A.D.O. Fixed Blade Knife Bead Blast Full Serrated Dagger Blade 159-9
Italian Swing Guard F Beltrame Honey Horn Bayonet 11 Inch
Kershaw Automatic Knife Launch 6 7800BLK Black
Protech Newport 3442 BLUE G-10 Black Handle Black Blade Automatic Knife

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 Brass Double Action Double Edge Dagger

Protech Emerson E7T-COCO Automatic Knife CQC7 Tanto Black Satin Cocobolo Handle
Protech Knives Newport 3437 3D Wave MOP Push Button with Black Blade

Bat Cave Cutlery Sendoa Automatic Knife Black on Black

Microtech Tachyon III 173-3 VM Single Edge Butterfly Knife Black with Full Serrated Blade

Protech TR-5 T503-Winter Camo Auto Knife laser Black Blade

Cobratec CTK-1 Large Out The Front automatic knife DE Double Serrated

Pro-Tech Custom Knife Pro-Strider 2317-SW Tiger Stripe Stonewash Proto

Heretic Knives Cleric OTF Knife Clip Point Stonewash H014-2A

Meyerco BESH Wedge Throwing Knife 5" Blade MLTHR

Protech Steampunk TR-3.50 Shaw Inlay Automatic Knife Satin

Buck 110 Nickel Silver Lockback Automatic Knife in G-10