9 Inch Italian Knives

italian switchblade stiletto knives
Switchblade Knives.This picture of the three 9 Inch Italian Stiletto Switchblade Knives represents three of the blades that are produced by the Italians. The top blade is the bayonet, the center is a dagger and the bottom knife shows the kris (kriss) blade. All side opening knives are sharp on one side only. Every Italian Switchblade Knife we offer comes from Maniago Italy!  All Switchblades and stilettos are shown with average overall open length in inches. Switchblade knives from Italian knife makers.

Frank B Italian Stiletto Imitation Carbon Fiber 9 Inch Bayonet Blade

Italian Stiletto simulated Carbon Fiber 9" Bayonet Blade by Frank Beltrame

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Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knife DARK HORN DAGGER 9 Inch

Italian Stiletto Knife 9 inch DARK HORN DAGGER

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Italian Switchblades 9 Inch DARK HORN BAYONET stiletto knife for sale

Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch DARK HORN BAYONET

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Frank B Italian Knife all black tact stiletto rubberized bayo 9 inch

Italian Knife for sale all black tact stiletto rubberized bayonet 9 inch

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Italian Switchblade A.G.A. Campolin 2015 Imitation Pearl Ring Pull

Italian Switchblade AGA Campolin Imitation Pearl Ring Pull 2015

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Italian Switchblade Knife AGA Campolin Lockback Stag Bayo 9 Inch

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AGA Campolin ZERO Italian Switchblade Bayonet Green G-10

AGA Campolin ZERO Green G-10 Leverlock Switchblade

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