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Italian Knives - By AKC, The switchblade knives in this category are made by Automatic Knife Creations from Maniago, Italy.

Click on the video below to see how to open and close a classic Italian Switchblade.

Italian Switchblade Leverlock Cocobolo Wood 6 Inch AKC Knife

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Italian Leverlock by AKC in Dark Horn 6 Inch

Italian Concord Zebra Black Dagger Blade 8 inch OTF knives for sale

Italian AKC NATO Concord Military OTF OD green Automatic Knife 8 inch double edge Silver Blade

Italian AKC NATO Concord Military OTF Automatic Knife 8 inch SE OD Green Silver Blade

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 OD Green Double Action Dagger

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 Brass Double Action Dagger

Italian Switchblade Leverlock Abalone 6 Inch AKC Knife