Items in order by price

Protech 1305-M Medium Brend 3 Automatic Knife Marbled Carbon Fiber Black Blade

Bat Cave Cutlery Sendoa Automatic knife Pewter with Ironwood

Protech Knives T502 Tactical Response with safety stonewash part serrated

Protech Knives Newport 3437 3D Wave MOP Push Button with Black Blade
Mikov Filworked 8.5 Inch Lever Lock Automatic Knife Pre-Ban Ivory
Mikov ABS Black 8.5 inch Spear Point Czech Republic Automatic knife

Marfione Custom Knife Socom Delta Carbon Fiber Black Ceramic Coating

Microtech Tachyon III 173-3 VM Single Edge Butterfly Knife Black with Full Serrated Blade

Microtech Tachyon III 173-1 VM S/E Black Standard Butterfly Knife

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 OD Green Double Action Bayonet

Protech TR-5 T503-Spider Web Auto Knife laser Black Blade

Protech TR-5 T503-Winter Camo Auto Knife laser Black Blade

Protech Brend 3 1321-SATIN Black Pearl Button 2018 Production Automatic Knife

Protech Large Don 1926 Automatic Knife 3D Ring Pattern

Protech Large Don 1926 Automatic Knife 3D Ring Pattern

Pro-Tech Custom Knife Pro-Strider 2317-SW Tiger Stripe Stonewash Proto

Russian Hidden Release Knife Emerald Green Coat of Arms Dragon Slayer

Medteh Russian 8 inch Leverlock Wood Automatic Knife Damascus

Protech TR-3 L-1 LEFT HAND Automatic Knife Grooves Stonewash Plain

Protech Cambria CF22 Carbon Fiber Flipper Knife Black Blade

Protech Cambria CF03 Black Flipper Knife Black Blade

Italian AKC 007 Concord Military OTF Automatic Knife 6.875 inch DE OD Green Black Blade

Schrade Automatic Knife SC60B Extreme Survival Black

Buck Impact B0898ORS-B Automatic Knife Drop Point

Buck Impact B0898BRS-B Automatic Knife Drop Point