ProTech Knives for Sale

Protech Dark Angel 3201 Out the Front Automatic Knife black handle satin blade with safety

Protech Spindrift SD4 Fixed Blade Knife 2-Tone black Grey G-10 BLACK

Pro-Tech Brend 3 1351 Automatic Knife Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Satin

Protech Dark Angel 3202 Out The Front Automatic Knife w/Safety Black Blade

Protech Spindrift SD3 Fixed Blade knife Black G-10 handle DLC Black

Protech 1305-M Medium Brend 3 Automatic Knife Marbled Carbon Fiber Black Blade

Protech Automatic knife Doru B-O-S Peter Kellett Splash Bruce Shaw Skull

Protech Automatic knife Doru BRUIN Bruce Shaw Skull Splash DLC

Protech Doru Bruce Shaw Skull Automatic knife Red Black Splash

Protech Automatic knife Doru Black Silver Splash 0209

Protech Large Don 1926 Automatic Knife 3D Ring Pattern

Protech Large Don 1926 Automatic Knife 3D Ring Pattern

ProTech Custom Godson Tiger Coral Mosaic Pin Mirror Polished

Pro-Tech Custom Knife Pro-Strider 2317-SW Tiger Stripe Stonewash Proto

Protech Custom Doru Titanium Damascus Carbon Fiber Automatic Knife

ProTech Custom Godfather MOP Mirror polished blade
ProTech Don Custom Automatic Knife Orange Peel Multi-Color Titanium Satin