Protech California Legal Calmigo
The Protech Calmigo is an automatic knife that is a 3.5 inch compact size, overall open length 5.49 inches with a California Legal 1.99 inch 154CM drop point blade.  The handle features a deep carry pocket clip that makes it great for every day carry.

Pro-Tech Calmigo 2201 blasted blade

Protech Calmigo 2201 Cal-Legal Auto Knife with a black handle and blasted blade and hardware.

Pro-Tech Calmigo 2201-SW stonewash blade

ProTech Calmigo 2201-SW Cal-Legal Auto Knife with a black handle and stonewash blade and hardware.

Protech Calmigo 2205 TRON all black

Protech Calmigo 2205-TRON Cal-Legal Black tactical knives with machine pattern handles and black blade

ProTech Custom Calmigo 2224 Steel Custom 2-Tone

Calmigo 2224 Custom Limited Edition 2-Tone DLC Black and Satin blade MOP push button from ProTech Custom Made Knives.

ProTech Custom Calmigo 2226 Rose Gold Damascus

Protech Calmigo SS Frame pattern Rose Gold Damascus Custom limited edition 2226