This is the out the front concord made by AKC of Maniago, Italy.  It has a overall open length is 8" with a blade length of 3".


The Double Action Concord OTF Knife from Maniago, Italy is made by AKC knives, it's overall open length is 8" with a blade length of 3.25".  It is made with a thumb slide double-action firing mechanism that you simply slide forward to activate the blade then pull back to retract the blade.  Super fast and sharp.   Great for everyday carry.Sure to please!

AKC Concord Out the Front Knife

Italian Knives 8 Inch Concord OTF Black hanle SE Black Blade

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Italian Knives 8 Inch Concord OTF White-Black SE Silver

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Italian OTF Knife AKC Concord 8 inch black on white mirror DE

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