Knives for SALE

Knives on SALE!
Knives on SALE!

Automatic knives for sale. FREE SHIPPING on all knives. Automatic knives and OTF Out front opening knives as well as Italian stiletto switchblades. All knives in this category are on sale.

These on sale automatic switchblade knives will change weekly so keep checking back. Check carefully because some of these knives are for sale at or below wholesale knife costs. 

AKC Italian Lever-lock Cocobolo 6"

Italian Switchblade Leverlock Cocobolo Wood 6 Inch AKC Knife

Leatherman Charge AL with Leather Sheath

Zero Tolerance 0350 Assisted Opening Knife Black G-10

ZT 0350 Assist Knife by Zero Tolerance  Black G-10 handle black blade.

Protech Knives Les George Rockeye SBR LG403 Smooth Black

Protech Rockeye LG 403 SBR Automatic Knife SMOOTH Black Handle Black Blade

Benchmade 9160SBK Triage Black Serrated Hook

 Benchmade Triage 9160SBK automatic knife in Black Serrated with a steel hook.

Bat Cave Cutlery Sendoa Black Side opening knives

Bat Cave Cutlery Sendoa Automatic Knife Black on Black

Protech Doru Bruce Shaw Skull Red Black Splash

Protech Doru Bruce Shaw Skull Automatic knife Red Black Splash