Protech Invictus 1804 Prometheus Design Werx Automatic Knife
ProTech Auto Invictus Prometheus Design Werz side opening knife has Black anodized Aluminum Handles with a stonewash finished blade. There is a safety toggle switch on the side and a red G-10 Inlaid firing Button Protech Auto PDW Invictus Black Out The Side (OTS) Auto Knife Red G-10 Button Stonewash Blade.

Protech Invictus Automatic Knife

Pro-Tech brings back their collaborative design with Prometheus Design Werx: the PDW Invictus MIL-LE Auto. A distinctive and iconic folding knife pattern produced with Military and Law Enforcement customers specifically in mind, the PDW Invictus MIL-LE is a premium cutting tool made without compromise for those who serve and protect. This version comes with a black hard anodized aluminum handle with red G10 push-button and Stonewashed 154cm blade.  We're sorry these are no longer in stock.  If you're interested in one email us at and we'll be happy to let you know when we have them available again.

Protech Invictus Prometheus Design Werx Automatic Knife