Protech Brend 2 Automatic Knife

Protech Small Brend 2
ProTech Brend 2 1202 Grey Auto Knife Black G-10 Black Blade

Protech Brend 2 Auto Knife.  The Protech Brend 2 automatic knife is the small Brend auto with a 59RC 2.9" blade that is .110" thick and an overall open length of 6.6".  Closed this great pocket carry automatic knife is 3.7".  The handle is .40" thick and .80" wide and is made of T6-6061 Anodized Aluminum and weighs in at an average of 1.9 ounces with a great variety of handle choices shown here.  The Small Brend Auto comes with a pocket clip and is the smallest version of Walter Brend's famous "Model 1" Blade Shape in a small package.  Get yours today!

Protech Knives Brend 1221 BLUE automatic knife satin plain blade

Protech Brend 2 1221-BLUE Automatic Knife with a Solid Blue handle Satin Plain Blade

Pro-Tech Brend 2 1221 Automatic Knife Black Black Plain Blade

Pro-Tech Brend 2 1221 Auto Knife Black with a Black Plain Blade

Protech Brend 2 Small Special Gray Carbon Fiber 1201-CF

ProTech Brend 2 Small Automatic Knife 1201-CF Special Gray Carbon Fiber

Pro-Tech Small Brend 2 Tuxedo DLC 1252

Pro-Tech Brend 2 1252 Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Scales Black Plain Auto Knife

Protech Brend 2 Small Amber Jigged Bone 1262

Pro-Tech Brend 2 1262 Jigged bone Inlays Black Plain Auto Knife