Frank B Imitation Carbon Fiber 9" Bayonet

Frank Beltrame
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Italian Stiletto simulated Carbon Fiber 9" Bayonet Blade by Frank Beltrame

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knife with an imitation carbon fiber handle overall open length 9 Inches with a Black Bayonet Blade by Frank Beltrame with FRANK B ITALY stamped on the blade.

This Italian Switchblade Stiletto is made in Maniago, Italy by AKC Knives and comes with white acrylic pearlex handle.  It is approximately 9 inches in overall open length (true length 8 3/4) with a 4 inch blade (cutting edge of 3 1/4 inches).  Closed this Italian knife is just under 5 inches.  It closes with a swivel bolster and comes with a bayonet stiletto style blade.  It also has soldid brass liners and pins and has a polished stainless steel blade.  Just below the push button to open is a slide safety button.  The blade is stamped "AKC Italy".