Frank B. Hump Back Ltd. Ed. Italian Switchblade with an 11" Blond Horn

Frank Beltrame
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Switchblade knife
We're releasing from our safe one of  our Limited Edition Knives!  It's a Hump Back, overall open length 11 Inches with a blond horn handle made by Frank Beltrame.

This is a Frank Beltrame Italian stiletto knife made in Italy, also known as a switchblade, opens with the push of the button and closes by simply pushing down on the hump back to release the blade.  This automatic switchblade has a blond horn handle and is overall open length 11 inches.  It has a very unique coloring on the front of the handle.  The blade is stamped with Frank Beltrame's signature.  All of our switchblade knives are genuine Italian knives made in Maniago, Italy!  VERY RARE!  You'll want to add this to your knife collection!