Frank Beltrame Italian Switchblade Knife IMITATION WOOD 9" Bayonet

Italian switchblade stiletto knives
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Frank B Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch IMITATION WOOD bayonet blade

Italian knife overall open length 9 Inches IMITATION WOOD Bayonet by Frank Beltrame  Please follow this link once you've received your item and review your product on Google. We'd love to hear your feedback and please feel free to email us any time at

This Italian stiletto knife made in Italy, also known as a switchblade, opens with the push of the button and closes by simply pushing down on the top bolster to release the blade.  This automatic switchblade has IMITATION WOOD handle with a bayonet blade and is overall open length 9 inches.  All of our switchblade knives are genuine Italian knives made in Maniago, Italy!

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