Microtech Knives Scarab OTF Melonite QPQ SE Auto Serr 111-11, *

Microtech OTF knives
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Microtech Scarab OTF Melonite QPQ G.M.G. SE Automatic Knives Two Tone Serrated 111-11, SOLD OUT

Microtech Scarab OTF knife specs BELOW apply to ALL MICROTECH SCARABS.The Microtech Scarab is a Double action front opening OTF automatic knife. This means the Scarab opens automatically by pushing the deployment ramp forward and retacts automatically by pulling the ramp back. The Scarab is tip down carry, features carbide glass breaker and comes in several configurations as far as handle colors, blade styles, blade colors etc.They may deviate slightly, but not functionally,from the picture as Microtech sometimes uses slightly different hardware from time to time. Double Action Front Deploying auto fire and auto retract.Overall 8l35" open.4.8" closed. 3.5 inch S30V blade, thickness 0.125".  Full Hard Spring Tempered Stainless Steel ambidextrous mounting Pocket Clip.  Handle material is Machined 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum with a Thickness of 0.48". Weight: 3.6 oz.  Carbide Glass Breaker and ballistic nylon convertable carry pouch included with most models, with the exception of some of the brand new models with may come with Microtech's new pull string pouch.