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Horizon Bladeworks was founded in 1998 and through great customer service, selection second to none and a "nac" for offering our customers what they wanted, and couldn't find elsewhere, has grown into one of the Internet's largest, most trusted and respected dealers of unique cutlery and related outdoor gear.

Horizon Bladeworks specializes in automatic and switchblade knives of the highest quality from all corners of the globe.  We are especially proud of our wide selection and deep inventory of the highest quality American made automatic knives as well as hard to find, unique, custom and novelty knives including a vast selection of genuine Italian and German switchblade and stiletto knives.  Our customers will also find a variety of other knives and other items of interest to knife nuts such as flashlights, watches, rescue tools, pocket tools, swiss army knives and other gear of interest to like minds.  We have a huge selection at amazing prices! Also, don't miss out on free shipping on qualified orders.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you need any assistance please email us at sales@nicnac.net or call 828-884-4302 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Knife consignments and Trades:  If you find yourself with a knife or an entire collection of knives that you would like to sell but either don't know where to start or don't wish to run afoul of the law, we at Horizon Bladeworks can help by either buying your items or consigning them for you.  Even if you have automatic or switchblade knives that are not legal to sell yourself you can legally sell them to a bona fide dealer that deals in these products.  Horizon Bladeworks has a HUGE audience of knife buyers, aficionados and collectors that constantly visit us to see what we might have that interests them.  There's no better place to sell or consign your automatic or switchblade knives and sell them legally.  We are NOT appraisers.  We do buy knives outright but the price you ask is up to you.  There are too many "appraisers" who take advantage of people by giving them a low appraisal and then offering to buy the item.  If you have something to sell or consign the price you ask is up to you.  Please bare in mind though that we buy wholesale so we can earn a living.

Thank you for stopping by. Nick, Joyce and Libby Wagner