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Italian Stiletto Automatic Switchblade Knife Stag Swivel Bolster 15 Inch by A.G.A. Campolin

Protech Spindrift SD3 Fixed Blade knife Black G-10 handle DLC Black

Boker #712 Automatic Knife with a Red Smooth Bone handle Marked Tree Brand CLASSIC on the blade, vintage and very collectible

Bat Cave Cutlery Sendoa Automatic knife Pewter with Ironwood

Protech 1305-M Medium Brend 3 Automatic Knife Marbled Carbon Fiber Black Blade

Protech Automatic Knife Godfather 951 Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Satin Blade
Protech Automatic knife Doru B-O-S Peter Kellett Splash Bruce Shaw Skull

Protech Automatic knife Doru BRUIN Bruce Shaw Skull Splash DLC

Protech Doru Bruce Shaw Skull Automatic knife Red Black Splash

Protech Automatic knife Doru Black Silver Splash 0209

Protech Doru Automatic knife Trojan Splash for sale
Protech Dark Angel 3201-RG Out the Front Automatic Knife black handle rose gold blade and button with safety
LePre 10 Inch Picklock Switchblade knife Genuine Brazilian Horn
LePre 10 Inch Picklock Switchblade knife Genuine Stag
Eddie White Custom Damascus Dagger Spalted Maple Fixed Blade Knife

Walts Flatguard Brazilian Horn handle with a Bayonet blade 11 inch

Hogue 34012 Out The Front Knife

Microtech Currahee Fixed Blade Knife Tan Drop Point 102-1 TA
Microtech 103-1GR Currahee Fixed Blade Knife Tanto Green Plain