Protech Knives Tactical Response 5 T501 BLUE stonewash plain blade

Protech Knives T501 BLUE Tactical Response with safety stonewash plain blade

Kershaw Knives Launch 12 with Gray Handle SW Blade Ca-Legal 7130GRYSW

Kershaw Knives  Launch 12 Gray handle Stonewash blade Ca-Legal 7130GRYSW

Benchmade Claymore 9070SBK-1 Ranger Green handle automatic knives

The Claymore 9070SBK-1 Ranger Green Automatic Knife by Benchmade Knives

Protech TR-3.53 Shaw Steampunk Auto Knife with Copper Inlay and a black blade

Protech TR-3.53 Shaw Steampunk Automatic Knife Copper Inlay black blade

ProTech Godson 720 Automatic Knife with a SOLID Black Handle Blasted Blade

Kershaw Launch 9 7250BLUSW side opening knives Blue Handle SWBlade

Kershaw Launch 9 7250BLUSW Automatic Knife Blue handle Stonewash Blade

Campolin 11" Brazilian Horn Frosolone Brass Renzo Pascattos tang

Frank Beltrame Italian Switchblade Knife IMITATION WOOD 9" Dagger

Frank B Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch IMITATION WOOD dagger blade

11" Italian Switchblades Stiletto Knife Genuine Stag Dagger

Benchmade 4300 Composite Lite Automatic Knives with a CLA G-10 Black

Benchmade 4300 Composite Lite Auto Knife CLA G-10 Black Classic

AGA Campolin 9" Genuine Stag Horn Maltese with a Bayonet Damascus

AGA Campolin 9 Inch Genuine Stag Horn Maltese Bayonet Damascus Blade

ProTech Godson 721 Automatic Knife SOLID black handle black blade

AKC Slim Line Lever-lock Automatic Knife with a Genuine Abalone 8"

AKC Italian Switchblade Leverlock Slim Line Abalone 8 Inch AKC Knife

8" Italian Stiletto Lever Lock Stag Automatic Knife Damascus

9" Italian switchblade Automatic Knives Green Pearlex Handle Bayonet Blade

Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch green pearlex bayonet blade

Russian Medteh Leverlock Stiletto switchblade knie Red Acrylic

Medteh Russian 8" Red Acrylic Leverlock Stiletto Automatic Knife

Latama Walts Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11 Inch Zircote Wood Half Grind

Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Latama Walts Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11 Inch Zircote Wood Half Grind

Protech TR-4.3 Tactical Response 4 Sterile with a Black Handle Tritium Button

The ProTech TR-4.3 154-CM DLC Black Blade Tactical Response 4 Sterile black handle, Black Blade, and a tritium button.

Latama Walt's Flatguard Knife 11" Black Forest Stag Handle Half Grind

Latama Walt's Flatguard Knife 11" Black Forest Stag Half Grind

Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Snake Wood Half Grind

Latama Walts Flatguard Swinguard Italian Switchblade Knife 11 Inch Snakewood Half Grind Blade

Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard 11" Brazilian Horn Half Grind Blade

Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Brazilian Black White Half Grind

DKD Shark Tooth Automatic Knife with a Black Aluminum Handle SS Blade

DKD Shark Tooth Automatic Knife Black Aluminum Shark Tooth

DKD Python Automatic Knife Gray Handle Wayne Clark

DKD Python Automatic Knife Gray Handle by Dynamic Knife Designs

Hubertus Yellowhorse Custom Made Knives '95 Artist Proof Knife

Hubertus Knife 7 3/4 automatic knife FOREST MESSER red coral, turquoise, file worked

Protech Brend 2 1221-BLUE automatic knife Solid blue handle black blade

Protech Brend 2 1221-BLUE Automatic Knife Solid Blue Black Blade

ProTech LG361-AW Rockeye Sterling Silver Skull with a Acid Washed Blade

ProTech LG361-AW Rockeye Automatic Knife Sterling Silver Bruce Shaw Skull Acid Washed Blade

Bat Cave Cutlery Knives Sendoa Black Carbon Fiber Automatic Knives

Protech Newport 3405 Automatic Knife Black Handle Stonewash Blade

Protech Newport 3405 Automatic Knife Black handle Stonewash Blade

AKC Italian Swinguard automatic knife genuine Stag bayonet blade 9" overall

Protech Rockeye LG305-AW Les George Knurling Acidwash Plain

Horizon Bladeworks Exclusive Protech Rockeye LG305-AW Les George Black handle Knurling Acidwash Plain blade

Paragon PARA X OTF Knives Automatic Knives Clip Point DLC coated

Paragon PARA X OTF Auto Knife Clip Point DLC Blade

S.O.G. Knives Strat Ops Canvas Micarta Black Blade side opening knife

ProTech Custom Newport Auto Knife Bronze Ti Tiger Coral Damascus

ProTech Custom Newport Automatic Knife Bronze Titanium Tiger Coral Damascus

Campolin Genuine Brazilian Horn Maltese Cross 9" Italian Switchblade

Asheville Steel Paragon PARA X Out The Front Knives Tanto DLC Black

Pro-Tech ATCF Terzuola Sterile Textured g-10 Tritium button Magnacut automatic knives

CobraTec OTF Knives Medium CTK-1 Dagger Non Serrated Blade

Campolin Diana Lever Lock Dark Horn Brass side opening knife

Hogue Knives Compound Out The Front Knives Clip Point Solid G10

11" heavy duty Ivory Micarta AKC Italian Swinguard Clone Lanyard hole

Spyderco Caly 3 Folding Knife Plain Blade Carbon Fiber Handles

ProTech Sprint 2907-BLUE Automatic Knives DARK Blue Handle Black Plain

Pro-Tech Runt 5 R5401-Purple Automatic Knife Purple MAGNACUT SW Tanto

ProTech Knives Runt 5 5105 Textured Black SW Wharncliffe Blade

Buck 110 Buck 110 Automatic Lockback Knife Ebony handle satin blade

Boker Kalashnikov 74 automatic side opening knives Black Tanto

Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife Gray Handle Serrated Black

Zero Tolerance Assisted Flipper Knife Tiger Stripe Blade Black G10

ZT 0350TS Assist Knife by Zero Tolerance Black G-10 handle tiger stripe blade.

ProTech Knives Godfather Automatic Knives BB 920 BLUE

Smith & Wesson SW4000 Medium SWAT Manual Knife Satin Plain

Smith & Wesson SW4000 Medium SWAT Manual Knife Satin Plain Blade

Benchmade 4400BK Casbah Automatic Knives with a Black Grivory handle

Benchmade 4400BK Casbah Automatic Knife Black Grivory handles.

Buck Paradigm Shift Automatic Knives Brown G-10 Satin Blade

Campolin Maltese Switchblade Knife 9" with Brazilian Horn Damascus

AGA Campolin 9 Inch Genuine Brazilian Horn Maltese Bayonet Damascus Blade

7.75" AKC Leverletto automatic knives Bill DeShivs Ebony Wood

AKC Italian Switchblade Leverletto 7 3/4" Bill DeShivs stiletto knife with a Ebony Wood handle and steel blade