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Protech Dark Angel 3202 Out The Front Automatic Knife w/Safety Black Blade

Protech Magic 2 M2601-BLUE  Whiskers Blue Automatic Knife Stonewash Blade

SW SORTB Spring Assisted Opening Knife

Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife with Desert Sand and Copper Serrated Blade

Italian Stiletto Abalone 9" Bayonet Blade by Frank Beltrame

Protech Godson Tuxedo 751 Automatic Knife with Ivory Micarta Inlays and Satin Blade
Frank Beltrame Italian Automatic Switchblade Stiletto Knife in Cocobolo 11 Inch Bayonet Knife
Protech Dark Angel 3201 Out the Front Automatic Knife black handle satin blade with safety
Boker #712 Automatic Knife with a Red Smooth Bone handle Marked Tree Brand CLASSIC on the blade, vintage and very collectible
Protech Calmigo 2241 Custom Calfornial Legal Automatic Knife Vintage Flag
Asheville Steel Paragon Red PARA-X Single Action Out The Front Damascus Dagger Knife
A.G.A. Campolin Italian Switchblade Maltese Cross 9 Inch Leverlock in Stag

Protech Strider 2407-SS Automatic Knife Custom Shark Skin Pattern DLC

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 Copper Double Action Double Edge Dagger

Protech Calmigo 2205-TRON California Legal Automatic Knife Black handle machined pattern black plain blade
Kershaw RJ I SpeedSafe 1985ST Small Assisted Opening Knife with a Gray Serrated Blade
Microtech LUDT 135-10 TA Tan Handle Automatic Knife tan handle Stonewash Blade

Cobratec CTK-1 Large Out The Front automatic knife DE Double Serrated

Kershaw 7600 Emerson Launch 5 Automatic Knife SW Plain Blade

Protech Brend 2 1221-BLUE Automatic Knife with a Solid Blue handle Satin Plain Blade

Protech TR-5 T503-Spider Web Auto Knife laser Black Blade

Italian Front Opening Dagger Knife Faux Pearlex 11 Inch
Protech Emerson E7T-COCO Automatic Knife CQC7 Tanto Black Satin Cocobolo Handle