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9" Italian Knives Blond Horn Bayonet

Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch blond horn Single Edge bayonet blade

ProTech Godson Bronze Titanium Custom Desert Ironwood Damascus

Pro-Tech Godson Bronze Titanium Custom Automatic Desert Ironwood Nichol Damascus.

Frank B Italian Knife Palisander Wood 9 Inch Bayonet

Frank B Italian Stiletto Knife 9 Inch Palisander Wood bayonet blade

Kershaw Knives Launch 12 Black Stonewash

Kershaw Launch 12 7130 CA Legal Stiletto Automatic Knife Black Stonewash

ProTech Newport Automatic Knife Teal Ivory Micarta Stonewash

Protech Newport 3451-TEAL handle Ivory Micarta inlay Stonewash Blade

Boker Automatic Knives Kalashnikov 74 Black Plain

Boker Kalashnikov 74 automatic knife with a black handle and a plain blade.

Campolin 8" Baron Push Button Brazilian Horn

AGA Campolin Baron Push Button Automatic Knife Brazilian Horn 8 inches

ProTech Knives Godfather Operator glowing tritium button

Protech Godfather OPERATOR Black glowing tritium inlaid button

13" Italian Stiletto Dark Horn Bayonet blade

Italian Stiletto 13 inch Dark Horn 13" Italian Stiletto Dark Horn Bayonet blade

Campolin 13" Brazilian Horn Wasp Bayonet

AGA Campolin 13 Inch Brazilian Horn Automatic Knife Italian Stiletto Bayonet with a wasp style body

Paragon Warlock Knife OD Green Double Edge Black

Paragon Warlock Knife OD Green T-6 Aluminum Cross Shield Sword Black Blade.  It is ambidextrous.

Latama 11" Cocobolo Dagger Italian Switchblades

Walt's Flatguard Italian Stiletto Knife 11 Inch Cocobolo Single Edge dagger blade

11" Italian OTF Knives Imitation Pearl DAGGER

11 inch Italian OTF Switchblade Knife white pearlex DAGGER

Protech Les George Rockeye SBR LG403-BLUE Blue

Protech Rockeye LG 403-BLUE SBR Automatic Knife SMOOTH Blue Handle Black Blade

Campolin Imitation Pearl Francese 11" Ring Pull

A.G.A. Campolin Italian Switchblade in White Pearlex
 Francese Cross 11 Inch Leverlock

Kershaw Knives Launch 12 Grey BlackWashed

Kershaw Launch 12 7130GRYBW CA Legal Stiletto Automatic Knife Grey BlackWashed

AKC Italian OTF Knife F-16 Brass inlay

Italian OTF Automatic Knife AKC F-16 Brass Double Action Dagger

ProTech Sprint 2907 Black Automatic Knife Black

ProTech 2907 Sprint Automatic Knife with a Solid Black Handle Black Blade under 2 inches.

ProTech Strider SnG 2401-B Black Blasted

ProTech Strider 2401-B Automatic Knife Solid Black Handle Blasted Plain Blade

Italian Knives 8 Inch Concord OTF Black DE Black

Italian Concord Black Handle with a Black
double edge Dagger Blade 8 inch OTF knives for sale

Protech Calmigo 2205 black automatic knife

Protech Calmigo 2205 Cal-Legal Black tactical knives black blade

CRKT 1120 Elishewitz Anubis Beadblast Automatic Knives

CRKT 1120 Elishewitz Anubis Drop Point Beadblast Blade

Campolin Brazilian Horn Francese 11" Ring Pull

A.G.A. Campolin Italian Switchblade in Brazilian Horn
 Francese Cross 11 Inch Leverlock

Schrade Viper OTF Knife Black SCHOTF3B

Schrade SCHOTF3B OTF Automatic Knife Double Plain Black Spear Point Blade

CobraTec OTF Knives CTK-1 Large Tanto 1LTNS

Cobratec 1LTNS  Large OTF knife Black handle Black Plain Tanto Blade

AKC Leverletto 9" Bill DeShivs Stag

AKC Italian Switchblade Leverletto 9" Bill DeShivs stiletto knife with a stag handle and steel blade

Protech Half-Breed 3607 Black on Black Automatic Knife

Protech Knives Half Breed 3607 Automatic Black Handle Black Plain Blade

9" Campoliin Swinguard Stag Italian Knife

AGA Campolin 9" Italian Stiletto Swinguard Genuine Stag dagger

Brous Coroner Fixed Blade Tactical Knives

Paragon PARA-X Turquoise otf Knife Dagger

Asheville Steel Paragon PARA-X Turquoise Handle  OTF Knife Dagger Blade

Pro-Tech Calmigo 2201-SW stonewash blade

ProTech Calmigo 2201-SW Cal-Legal Auto Knife with a black handle and stonewash blade and hardware.

S.O.G. Auto Knife Black TiNi Blade ST02 TINI

S.O.G. SOG-TAC Automatic Knife Black TiNi Blade ST02 TINI

Benchmade Infidel 3300 Out The Front Knife Satin

Benchmade Infidel 3300 OTF Automatic Knife satin plain blade

Protech Knives Half-Breed 3607 Black on Black

Protech Knives Half Breed 3607 Automatic Black Handle Black Plain Blade

Pro-Tech Don 1725 3D Ring Pattern Satin side opening knives

Pro-Tech Don 1725 Automatic Knife 3D Ring Pattern Satin with pocket clip.

Asheville Steel Paragon PARA X Front Opening Knife Tanto DLC

Paragon / Asheville Steel PARAX Front Opening Knife Tanto DLC

Benchmade Knives 9100BK-703 Tan Auto Stryker

Benchmade 9100BK-703 Tan Auto Stryker automatic knife


SOG Tac Ops Automatic Knife 3.5" Black TiNi S35VN Blade, Canvas Micarta Handles - TO1011-BX

Piranha Excalibur OTF Knives Green Mirror Full Serrated

Piranha Excalibur OTF Automatic Knife Green Double Edge Fully Serrated Top Edge Fully Plain Bottom Edge Blade

Al Mar SERE AM-AS4 S30V Automatic Knife Satin Combo Blade

Al Mar SERE AM-AS4 S30V Automatic Knife Satin Part serrated Combo Blade