Knife Picks by Joyce

Joyce's Choices and Nick's Picks are being brought back by popular demand! Thanks guys and gals! We hope you enjoy these categories.  We are constantly changing these as new knives come in.
Pro-Tech Newport with a Black 3D Wave pattern handle and Rose Gold blade and hardware 3437-RG
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AKC Italian Switchblade Leverletto 7 3/4" Bill DeShivs stiletto knife with an abalone handle

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Protech Newport 3452 auto knife Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Black Blade

Italian OTF Automatic Knife White Pearlex Double Action Bayonet blade

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Bradford Guardian 4.5 G-Wood Fixed Blade Knife
Frank B. 11 inch blond horn Italian Swinguard Stiletto bayonet blade

Italian Switchblade Leverlock Abalone 6 Inch AKC Knife

SOG Arcitech A01 Titanium Bolsters with a Jigged Bone handle and an Abalone Button
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Kershaw Automatic Knife Launch 6 7800RDBLK Red

Italian Switchblade Leverlock Cocobolo Wood 6 Inch AKC Knife

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Benchmade Mini Infidel 3350 OTF Automatic Knife satin plain blade
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AGA Campolin Italian Piccolo 6.5 Inch Stag Automatic Knife
Protech Automatic Knife Godfather 921 SWAT all black tactical knife