Cobratec Knives

CobraTec Knives has some amazing quality OTF (out the front) knives at affordable prices.  Every CobraTec knife is double action, so the blade is retracted by the same switch and is a perfect every day carry knife.  The CobraTec knife has a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality knife.


CobraTec Cobra OTF Knives Medium CTK-1 Black Tanto Non Serrated

CobraTec Cobra OTF Knives Medium CTK-1 Wharncliffe Non Serrated

COBRATEC Out The Front Knives Large CTK-1 drop not serrated

CobraTec OTF Knives CTK-1 Large OD Green Drop Point Plain Blade

CobraTec Cobra Out The Front Knives Small FS-X Wharncliffe Non Serrated

CobraTec King Cobra Out the Front Knives Large black handle tanto blade