Heretic Knives is a knife company by Anthony G. Marfione, who is a second generation knife maker who is applying his knowledge passed on to him by Tony Marfione.  We're proud to bring you this new selection of quality automatic knives!

All of their knives are made in the USA.  When you purchase one of their knives you can have confidence in your tool knowing that it is backed by an American Company.  Their knives are made in small production runs ton ensure you receive a quality knives that has been given the attention other mass produced knives don't receive.  In 2015 Anthony Marfion Jr. and his wife, Jessica, founded Heretic Knives.  As a second generation knife maker, applying the knowledge that has been passed to him from his father Anthony Marfione, TJ wants to bring designs and certain elements to the craft that haven't been tried before.  He spend countless hours designing, engineering and producing his knives to ensure the end products that are long lasting.  He pledges that every knife that leaves their facility is an impeccable work of art that is sure to impress.

Heretic Cleric Out The Front Knives Black Clip Point Stonewash

Heretic Cleric Clip Point Tan Handle automatic otf knives Stonewash