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Learn some interesting facts here about the Beltrame family who among them are Vittorio, Ivano, Danilo, Luciano, Carlo, Francesco "Frank", Armando, Ivano & Sara, Renzo, Vittorio had had 4 sons and 3 daughters.  The Beltrame family lives in Maniago (Maniago) North East Italy, Province Pordenone.

The Beltrame family began producing knives after World War II.  In the beginning it was multi-tools and fishing knives.  Automatic stilettos began to be produced in 1958 and produced until 1969.  The original manufacturer was Beltrame Vittorio & Figli Company. There worked Vittorio Beltrame and his sons Ivano, Danilo, Luciano, and Carlo. The company has used the mark INOX, ROSTFREI, and BV & F, and BV & F stamp was used only for automatic stilettos. The company closed in 1970.

The family business continued Renzo, son of Danilo, who created his own company in 1970, but, unfortunately, went bankrupt in 1990.  Frank, the son of Ivano, also created his own company.  Armando started to work under the guidance of his father Ivano in 1961 and worked for Frank Beltrame from 1975 to 1996, then created his own company (AB Coltellerie)  In 1994 the children of Frank, Ivano and Sara began to work in the company of his father.  Follow this link to see more: