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Switchblade Knife Laws.

Switchblade Automatic Knives. Are Switchblade knives legal or illegal?

Are switchblade automatic knives legal or are they illegal? The answer is yes,.......and no.  There are 37 states where owning a switchblade automatic knife is legal. 6 more states have "Limited" laws where they allow possession for hunting, collecting, or other reasons.  Switchblade knives ARE legal in some place and illegal in others depending on where you live. Every state has different laws regarding switchblade automatic knives. That said, switchblade automatic knives are legal in EVERY STATE for QUALIFIED individuals such as military personnel, law enforcement and other qualified individuals. Below you will find several links with answers about whether switchblade automatic knives are legal or illegal where you live. These are from independent sources and to be sure of the switchblade knife laws in your state check several just to be sure: