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Rescue Life Hammer.  Statistics show that after an accident in which seat belts have performed their function of saving car occupants' lives, the release mechanism may no longer be accessible. In an upturned vehicle the full weight of occupants body weight on the seat belts makes them virtually impossible to release. In addition, damage to doors may mean that window frames have been wrenched out of alignment and are no longer able to be opened.
To be trapped in a car involved in an accident and being unable to escape is a frightening thought.
An indispensable tool for every motorist the Life Hammer provides swift and effective means of escaping from a potential dangerous situation. Consisting of a protected razor sharp knife with which the seat belt can be cut loose in one motion. The compact hammer, with its two sharp steel points, enables the windows to be shattered - something not easily achieved by kicking or thumping.

Modern vehicles with electrically operated windows can be a problem to operate when the vehicle is overturned say in a river bed or the edge of a roadway. In some instances the electric windows will not operate leading to a potentially dangerous situation where the occupants can not escape.

The Life Hammer is recommended by numerous international road safety organisations affiliated to PRI
Recently awarded the Silver Star from the German Traffic Safety Council as an addition to seat belts.