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Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Black and White Horn Half Grind

Switchblade knife
Italian swinguard knife is overall open length 11 Inches with a Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Black Horn handle & a Half Grind Blade & a half grind blade by Walter Halucha of Latama Knives.  A Walt's Flatguard swing guard comes with the Walt's stylized Cat tang stamp on the blade. 
LATAMA is a name that all switchblade enthusiasts are familiar with. No other manufacturer has never equaled the overall quality and variety of switchblade designs that LATAMA has produced.

High Quality

Latama Knives are steeped in history & tradition. Known for superior & affordable pure Italian switchblade performance.

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Original & best selling knives by Latama are renowned for durability & reliability.

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Fit, function, superior performance. Old-world craftsmanship with world-class design.

This Italian switchblade swinguard stiletto knife is made in Italy customized by Walt's Flatguard Knives (Latama Cutlery), also known as a swing guard switchblade, opens with the push of the button and closes by simply pushing down on the lock back to release the blade then pushing down on the blade.  This automatic switchblade Swinguard is has a Latama Walt's Flatguard Swinguard Knife 11" Black and White Horn handle and Half Grind Blade and is overall open length 11" with a 4.25" blade and is 5.75" closed.  It weighs in at 6.2 oz.  It has a hefty 5mm backspring and has the Walt's stylized Cat tang stamp on the blade.   Handle coloring may vary from picture as these are natural materials and we have more than one available.  All of our switchblade knives are genuine Italian knives made in Maniago, Italy!

Overall Length: 11"
Blade Length: 4.75"
Cutting Edge: 4.5"
Closed Length: 5"
Blade Material 440C
Back Spring: 5mm
Blade Thickness: 0.2"
Handle Material: Black and White
Liners 12 mm Solid Brass
Blade Style: Half Grind
Knife Category: Automatic Knife
Lock Type: Swinguard
Country of Origin: Italy